about us

Solo Studio Health and Performance is a private personal training Facility aimed at providing professionalism, privacy and cleanliness while promoting health and longevity. Our GOAL IS TO CREATE a unique space for each individual to build on themselves physically and mentally. Solo Studio offers 1:1 personal training in a private studio with a trainer who understands that building on clients' positive motive while also instilling the mental aspect of discipline will bring the best results.

Meet the Team

Jacob Marcum - founder/trainer

Jacob was born and raised in the Prescott area and grew up playing football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. He began his fitness journey in 2013 and discovered his passion for the industry. Between competitive bodybuilding for the last 9 years, having multiple injuries, and guidance from skilled/accomplished mentors, Jacob has accumulated an expansive amount of knowledge that has enabled him to create his training style. After personal training for 2+ years, Jacob discovered that the overall industry standards revolving personal training have fallen. This led to the creation of Solo Studio and building a gym that represents what his standards are within the industry. He believes that successful training goes beyond physical exercise and requires motivating and empowering individuals to adopt a positive mindset towards their health and well-being.